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NRA Training Programs

Manheim Sportsman Association (MSA), consistent with its commitment to members and community, provides NRA certified training programs. These programs are not limited to MSA members but are open to anyone who desires to improve their ability to be a responsible gun owner and user. All instructors have received training in various disciplines and are certified by the NRA. Each student with be paired with an instructor during all range activities. This ensures each student receives personal attention. Instructors are guided by the following principles as outlined in the NRA Trainer’s Ethics Guide:

COMPETENCE - Trainers strive to maintain high standards of excellence in their work.

INTEGRITY - Trainers seek to promote integrity in the practice of instructing and coaching. Trainers strive to be aware of their own belief systems, values, needs, and limitations, and the effect of these on their work.

PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY - Trainers uphold professional standards of conduct, clarify their professional roles and obligations, accept appropriate responsibility for their behavior, and adapt their methods to the needs of different participants.

RESPECT OF PARTICIPANTS’ RIGHTS AND DIGNITY - Trainers respect the fundamental rights, dignity, and worth of all participants. Trainers are aware of individual differences and try to eliminate the effect of biases on their work.

CONCERN FOR OTHER'S WELFARE - Trainers seek to contribute to the welfare of those with whom they interact. In their actions, trainers consider the welfare and rights of all participants.

RESPONSIBILITY TO THE COMMUNITY - Trainers are aware of their ethical responsibilities to the community and the society in which they work and live. They apply and make public their knowledge of shooting in order to contribute to human welfare. Trainers comply with the law and encourage the development of law and policies that serve the interest of shooting and responsible gun ownership.

Training Programs offered at Manheim:

Basic Pistol

The main focus of the Basic Pistol Course is on helping the student develop the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ATTITUDE to safely and effectively handle and fire a pistol. Topics included in this course are:

These and other topics presented in this course form the core knowledge and skills used in all pistol shooting activities, from informal recreational shooting through hunting, competition and self-defense. This course will also prepare the student for participation in other NRA courses.

Personal Protection in the Home

The Basics of Personal Protection in the Home course is unique among personal protection programs in that it addresses all aspects of a total personal protection strategy in the home. Much of the program deals with techniques and strategies designed to deter burglars, home invaders and other criminals. Included are ways to make your home less appealing to professional criminals, who will be inclined to seek easier targets.

Homeowners who incorporate a handgun into their personal protection strategy will find much value in this course, including shooting positions, aiming and firing techniques, the use of cover and concealment, and method of clearing various types of malfunctions. This course is divided into six parts:

Personal Protection Outside the Home

As of early 2006, 38 of the 50 states permit law-abiding citizens the right to carry a concealed firearm. Millions of people have taken advantage of this right, creating a need for a comprehensive course that covers the full spectrum of issues and information relating to concealed carry and self-defense. This includes not only techniques for properly carrying, presenting and shooting a concealed firearm, but also strategies for preventing violent encounters, and the legal ramifications of using lethal force in a self-defense situation. The NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course is designed to meet this need.

For myriad ethical, legal and practical reasons, it is always preferable to escape, evade, deter or otherwise avoid an attack rather than be forced to counter it with force but there are times, however, when circumstances allow no other option but the use of force to save your life or the lives of others.

The main focus of this course is on the effective use of a concealed handgun for self-defense and is divided into seven parts:

Manheim Sportsmen's Association offers gun safety classes. These classes are taught by certified NRA instructors.

The 2018 tenative training dates offer by Manheim Sportsmen's Association are:

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